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SCC have the ability to manage all local taxes, visas and work permits in compliance with Mongolian government legislation and are first to standardize labor hire services according to ISO9001 quality management systems. We are accredited by SGS.
In 2014, SCC expanded operations to include Gobirox LLC, in the Khanbogd soum of Umno gobi province. Gobirox has quickly become a partner of choice with a number of local personnel outsourced to a major client, with further growth expected in 2017.
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HR Consulting

HR consulting service is to assist the client to identify needs develop action plan and facilitate change that supports the success of your organization.

HR Outsourcing / Payroll

HR Outsourcing service offering you to focus on your main business goals while SCC shall take care of the human force issues.

Recruitment / Executive search

Finding executives on Mongolian market has always been a challenge.

Business Outsourcing

We offer a wide range of business solutions to help SME to expand company in Mongolia

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13 .03 2017

Our Office Moved

Our Office Moved We are happy to announce that our office is relocated at Shangri-La Centre, Shangri-La Office. Our new address is Shangri-La Centre, Shangri-La Office #907, 19A Olympic Street, Sukhbaatar District-1, Ulaanbaatar 14214, Mongolia. Please update our old address.
13 .03 2017

New Clients

New Clients We signed recruiting service contracts with new clients including Oyu Tolgoi, Rio Tinto, Boroo Gold as well as 27 major foreign invested companies.


We are providing wide range of Consulting Services & Happy Clients